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Rod Johnson
President and CEO

Focuses on Financial and Environment aspects of the project.
Sang Jun Park
Executive Vice President

Peter U. Nwangwu, Pharm.D.,Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for Africa

Jose Luis Guerrero
Vice President of Latin America

Alex Mason
Country Consultant

Over 20 years experience in Afghanistan, Asia and Africa.
Phillip Brown

Brings over 20 years of successfull power sourcing technology to the team.

Global Edison Background:

Leadership with a Broad Experience Base:

Global Edison was founded by a group of international businessmen with the purpose of filling the energy demands of Asia and Africa. The founders bring together a diverse set of backgrounds in finance, project development, architecture, engineering, construction, environmental conservation, government relations, security, technology, logistics and management.

The scope of these broad disciplines concentrated in Global Edison’s leadership allows the company to quickly assess opportunities and act with limited outside services resulting in fast, efficient, consistent, and knowable response to opportunities and challenges that arise.

The bottom line is that projects are completed faster at a lower cost and with fewer challenges resulting in a lower cost to produce electricity and at an earlier date.

Experience in Early Challenging  Business Environments:

The companies leadership has established history of early project development in a wide range of countries and often in challenging times China (1983), Kazakhstan (1994), Thailand (1997), Iran (1995), Iraq (1998), Azerbaijan (1992), Russia (1992), Afghanistan (1995) and Nigeria (1976). World wide experience brings our clients the best and most innovative worldwide solutions.

Environment Balanced with Business – An approach from the top:

While developing projects the company’s founders have set records not only for amount of finance raised, speed of project development but also with agencies such as the United States EPA for environmentally cleanest and most responsible projects on record as early as 1978. “Green” is a path the founders have walked for over 30 years. A fast efficient project can and must also be sustainable and conscious of the environmental and social impacts that it may generate. Global Edison’s President holds one of the world first degrees ever granted in Environmental Design from the school of Architecture at Texas A&M in 1971 in addition to a degree in International Finance.


Global Edison is committed to being a leader in the Asia power and energy sector by being first to the challenge and bringing the fastest solution and most affordable turnkey solution to the table.

Global Edison pledges to protect the health and safety of our employees, safeguard the environments where we work, and support the communities and the counties where we do business.

Global Edison is committed to honest, ethical and fair international business practices conforming to local customs and traditions as well as applicable laws and regulations. Through our legacy of responsible experienced leadership, we will continue to do our part to build a better world for all wherever we go and in whatever we do.

Global Edison is a private corporation organized under the laws of the State of Texas and the United States. Corporate charter number 800941700.

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