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Global Edison Fast-Track Strategy

Project Development

Global Edison is often asked what does it take to
develop a power plant project. The specifics will vary with:




Local Requirements

The Security Package forms the basis of the loan for the project. The most important thing to remember is that many if not all of the elements of a Security Package will need to be developed in parallel at the same time.

View through the life of a project

The best way to look at Global Edison and their project role is through a typical project such as an Independent Power Plant. In our view a typical Independent Power Plant project will have 5 lives with different focus, ownership, partners and roles for Global Edison Corporation.
Life of a Project


GEC performs due diligence, contracts for fuel, land, tariffs, finance, etc


Project Development

Up to commercial and financial close

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)


Commissioning and initial Operation


Investor exit after successful Operations

Pre-Development Task

Pre-development Task Work Product Responsible Party Responsible Partner
Initial Project Review Overview GEC
Project Definition Restructuring Proposal GEC EPC & Project Mgmt.
Project Restructuring Restructuring Proposal GEC EPC & Project Mgmt.
Prefeasibility Prefeasibility GEC EPC & Project Mgmt.
Fuel Suply GEC
Site GEC
Legal Structure GEC
Utilities and Access GEC
Shareholders Agreement GEC
Financial Structure GEC
Political Risk Insurance GEC
Risk Matrix GEC
Preliminary FEED GEC EPC Contractor
EPC Contract Drafts GEC Project Management
Project Management GEC Project Management
Power Purchase Agmt. GEC
Permits GEC
Project Scheduling GEC Project Management
O&M Contract Drafts GEC
Financial Models GEC
Investors & Term sheets GEC
Finance & Term sheets GEC

Project Development

Project Development Work Product Responsible Party Responsible Partner
Feasibility Study Security Package (above) GEC
Financial Feasibility GEC + Accountancy Accountancy
Technical Feasibility EPC & Project Mgmt.
Commercial Close Closing Documents GEC + Government
Closing Documents GEC + Investor + Lender Investors - Lenders

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

EPC FEED Project Management GEC
Project Scheduling Project Management GEC
Procurement Contracts Project Management GEC


O&M Contracts Project Owners O&M Contractor
Subcontracts Project Owners O&M Contractor
Budgets & Management Project Owners O&M Contractor

Project Sale after commissioning and 2 years of operation

Most projects are structured by GEC for Investors exit at Financial Close or after 2 years operations.

The most critical partners for Global Edison

The most critical partners for Global Edison are Project Management, Legal, Accounting, Fuel Supply and the EPC+F contractors. We select the best team for each project and those below were chosen for the Pakistan Power Plant and Terminal. Global Edison brought ExxonMobil back to Pakistan.
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